Zoundz App


Zoundz mobile app development requirement came to us with the purpose of helping pet owners and vets. The purpose of this application is to help relax the pets and reduce their stress with the help of music. We were given the music and the purpose to build the app. Separate music stations were needed to be developed as per animals; along with the feature to connect with different streaming devices. We integrated the app with Alexa, Google Home, Chromecast, etc. Also, the ease-of-use was supposed to be given topmost importance.

About Zoundz App

Zoundz mobile app helps pet owners and vets in reducing anxiety of pets with the help of music. The main feature of this app is to provide an interface for curated music streaming for pets. The app can be connected with Google Assistant, Chromecast, etc.


  • Android:
  • Native Application
  • iOS:
  • Native Application
  • Admin Panel Frontend:
  • Express JS
  • Admin Panel Backend:
  • Node JS
  • API Integration:
  • Node JS
  • Google Home Integration:
  • Action Console, Firebase
  • Alexa Integration:
  • AWS

App Functionality For End User

There are 2 types of user profiles: “Consumer” and “Professional”

User Profile Completion

For consumers:

  • Pet owners can register via email ID.
  • A verification code will be sent to the email address for completing initial registration. 
  • After verification and accepting the terms and privacy policy, pet owner’s registration will be completed.

For professionals (such as Veterinary Doctors)

  • Vets can create their individual profile on Zoundz following the similar steps mentioned above. They can create profiles on app as well as on the official website for professional benefits. 
  • Vets may also get free promo codes on the Zoundz website.
  • Vets can share these promo codes with the clients/pet owners. 
  • These promo codes can be used to get the music subscription plan on the Zoundz app.

Pet Profile Completion

Pet profile will be completed by entering these details:

  • Pet’s name 
  • Photo 
  • Birthday
  • Breed 

Multiple pet profiles are possible.

Music Subscription

There are 2 types of subscriptions: “Free” and “Premium”.

Free Playlist:

  • As the name suggests, pet owners can play all the free songs available on the Zoundz app.
  • The songs you get in the free plan cannot be downloaded without a paid subscription. 

Premium Playlist:

  • Referral/promo codes provided by vets can be used for monthly/yearly subscription.

Steps to be followed by pet owners for taking monthly/yearly subscription

  • Registered email ID verification
  • Promo code verification
  • Apply promo code 
  • Payment via Debit Card/Credit Card 

Users can also buy streaming devices from the official Zoundz website.

Streaming Devices Connection

Streaming devices you can connect with:

  • Mobile (bluetooth pairing) 
  • Amazon Alexa (bluetooth pairing)
  • Google Home (bluetooth pairing)
  • Smart TV (via chromecast)
  • iTV etc. (via chromecast)

Streaming Music

  • Pet owners can play one song at a time over multiple streaming devices with respect to music channels.
  • The songs can be marked as favorites depending on how often the pet owner plays a particular pet song.
  • With an active subscription plan, pet owners can play/shuffle music breakfree.

App Functionality for Admin

User Control

Admin can store and manage users as well as vet details; such as add, delete, block, and update vet doctor and pet owner registration, contact, and payment  details. Also, admin can change email and contact info of users.


Music and Loading Controls

Admin can create a new station with description and label for a specific animal type. Also, he/she can upload/delete/update/categorize songs. Admin can store details and manage music streaming devices; for example, Google Home, Alexa, bluetooth devices, etc.


System and Data Analytics

Admin can create analytics on account usage, location of users, skipped songs, coupons, etc. Also, he/she can create analytics on how many people add stations to their favorites, how often they listen, how long on average, etc.


Ads Management

Admin can manage commercial ads in the app for unsubscribed users. Also, he/she can upload/insert commercials and target them to a set station.


Zoundz app development was a fun project. The requirement was very clear and direct. We had to ensure the app is easy-to-use for everyone, and has all the features functioning seamlessly. The app is now successfully helping pet owners and vets in calming down their fur buddies.