Saturn is a modern new way for students to handle scheduling. Our easy-to-understand, customizable mobile interface, is branded to your school and gives you an up-to-the-minute view on your daily schedule - offering updates on where you are in your day, as well as providing your schedule on any given day.

The app is developed with the language 'React Native' and designed for both Android and iOS. Saturn can provide updates and schedules daily with an interface that you can customize to your needs.

Saturn can save you from most of the process, free you from all kinds of tension, confusions and do your work according to the schedule. The app makes every moment relaxed and helps you keep on track. The app can make you and your life smarter with rich features that push you to finish tasks on time.

Features Of Application:

  • Easy communication
  • Image moderation
  • Easy search and Results
  • Save your favorites
  • Updates on time
  • customizable mobile interface
  • Student- oriented

Our fast usability and high performance has increased the usability by 30%. We've compiled some of the most significant advantages, showcasing perceptions from students who automated their time tracking.

Some apps take too long to load and the users will automatically avoid it. We have designed the app with utmost care to avoid the major issues of freezing. Saturn has proved its quality with high performance, consistency and rich features.

Today, with increased social networking and activities, the stress among students is elevating. So, there will be much confusion in submitting the works and engaging in specific activities. Saturn is a well-designed customizable app that can be your best

    Technology Stack

    • -  IOS, Android
    • - Visual Studio Code
    Development Language
    • - React Native

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