NIRA Temp App


The NIRA Temp mobile app development requirement came to us with a simple core idea of IoT (Internet of Things) app development, that is, the app will check the body temperature of a person in real-time with the help of a small sticker placed in the armpit. This simple looking idea included some amazing features, such as 24/7 temperature monitoring, fever alerts, group temperature monitoring, profile sharing, multiple profiles, data management, in-app product purchase, and more.

About NIRA Temp App

NIRA is a wearable smart thermometer for constant monitoring of body temperature. The user has to stick a little bandage-like sticker in the armpit, which is then paired with your device to show the real-time body temperature. In the app, users can create multiple profiles, which are also shareable. In addition to these major features, the app has some other useful featurees as well.


  • Android App:
  • Native Android
  • Android Studio (Retrofit)
  • Backend Language:
  • PHP
  • Code Management Tool:
  • GIT-Lab
  • Graph Screens Designing :
  • MP Chart

Key Features

  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring: The app monitors the body temperature in real-time with the help of stickers. Users can check the list of recorded temperatures in the app. Temperature details can be kept saved for a long duration of time.
  • Alerts: As soon as the temperature rises above 100°F, the app alerts the user along with the recommendation of food intake.
  • Graphical Representation: User can see the graph of temperature variations throughout the day in the app.
  • Group Temperature Monitoring: In the app, users can add the profiles of other users for group temperature monitoring.
  • Share User Profile: Users can share their profile data with other users or organizations such as CDC. Profiles can be shared anonymously too.
  • In-app Purchase: Stickers can be ordered in the app using debit/credit cards.
  • Notification Settings: Users can choose different types of notifications such as SMS or email in case of high fever, device getting offline, shared profile, deleted profile, offers, promotions, etc.


Application Flow



Sign-up/Sign -in

First time user creates profile by choosing sign-up. If the user have a profile created, they enter user ID and password to sign-in.



Stick the Sticker

The sticker must be placed on the clear skin in the armpit. Wtihin 1 min, it will start blinking. Device linking button needs to be selected in the app. App will require permission for nearby Bluetooth devices.



Pair Device

Click on device pairing. The app will automatically get paired with the sticker. Device/sticker pairing can be skipped too. The device can be paired using QR as well as Bluetooth.



Set User Profile

Set-up for real-time temperature monitoring, fever alerts, and group temperature monitoring.



Share User Profile

Profiles can be shared with other users for monitoring temperature, fever alerts, warnings, location. User can share profiles with organizations like CDC too. Anonymous sharing is also available.



Data Management

Graphical representation of user's data and associated profiles'.



In-app Product Purchase

Option to buy stickers through the app using credit/debit cards.




Users can set-up choices for notifications, data representation, etc.



Nira Temp App was a very interesting IoT software development project. The idea looked very simple on the surface, but there were many features to work at. Temperature monitoring is the main feature of the Nira app, but it also helps in detecting and sending recommendations about possible health issues. Users receive daily recommendations and alerts regarding any possible diseases. The app also provides helpful data to the research centers for the study of complex diseases.