National Bond Corporation


National Bonds is a private joint stock shareholding company, established in March 2006 with a paid-up capital of AED 150 million. NBC is a regulated financial institution and is audited by Dubai Government Audit Department, Sharia Supervisory Board as well as reputable International external auditors.

UAE residents as well as non-residents are eligible to purchase National Bonds. The minimum age requirement to purchase National Bonds is 21 years, unless purchased by a father/legal guardian on behalf of a minor.There is no maximum limit on how much you can purchase. 

Customers can visit National Bonds offices to buy Gift Vouchers.Bearer/Beneficiary submits completed application form to National Bonds outlets to exchange the Gift Voucher for bonds of the same value indicated on the Voucher.

Beneficiaries become automatically eligible for all the benefits offered by National Bonds.They have high liquidity, i.e. they are cash equivalent.Their cash value will never depreciate at the time of redemption (as against other usual prizes, e.g. electronics, cars, etc.)It also help nurture a savings culture and inspire beneficiaries to prepare for their future.They provide the same benefits enjoyed by bondholders in terms of rewards and prize eligibility.

The Rewards Program offers individual customers a wider range of exclusive and exciting prizes, all year round. With rewards that range from AED 1 million, 16 luxury cars and various bond prizes, the program aims to reward customers and encourage them to continue and increase their savings.  There are exclusive prizes for Emiratis and Expats including 2 grand prizes of AED 1 million every quarter, plus more than 423,000 prizes per year, with dedicated prizes for ladies, minors and Regular Savers. 

Features Of Application:

  • Purchase Many types of financial Plan Like Education Plan, Term Sukuk, Saving Bond Etc
  • Gift Vouchers for any occasion
  • Online Payment for Plan
  • Fingerprint Authorization
  • Lucky Draw For Customers
  • Transaction summary for any Purchased Product

    Technology Stack

    • - Android & iOS
    • - Visual Studio
    Development Language
    • - Xamarin

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