Mood:Mix – Music For Business

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music”, as said by Billy Joel.

Introducing Mood media is one of the biggest international in-store music provider that deals with providing solution to different class of retailers and other business such as restaurant, shopping mall and many more. As a business owner or an end user, if I am budget oriented and very particular about what music should be played over my speaker and to get this control in my hand, Mood Media has announced an app “Mood Mix” which is one of the incredible easy and affordable solution for music for business. For end users, it is very easy to use mood mix, since in this app there is no need to install expensive devices, all you require is a device that connected to internet and plugged into your sound system. Mood Media has integrated a special feature called DIY, which enables users or clients to record their own personal message(s) and play it as and when needed.

DIY is an awesome feature which is integrated in Mood Mix that improves stability and encourages users to use Mood Mix more for business purposes in various public areas where people love to listen music like in shopping mall, restaurants, and many more. The main purpose of this feature is to allow Business Admin or End User to group devices to mirror message scheduling across multiple devices and to mirror music schedule across selected devices. Client can create their own messaging files and an can upload the messages in order to schedule with their music.

Mood: Mix- How it works

1. Create a mix:

creating a mixes is very simple, and can create any number of mixes as user want. The steps follows in mix creation are:

  • click on mixes and then go to new mix
  • Name your mix
  • Select program by clicking on Add for song which you want to add in mix.
  • Click on create mix

2. Mix Board:

This feature helps in balancing the frequency of programs. In this user can adjust the frequency of programing according to their need which song user want to play more frequently.

3. Scheduling the mix:-

In this user can schedule any mix for a day he want. Steps followed for the same

  • Go to schedule
  • Click on the day which on which you wish to schedule your mix. Select start date and end date and select mix you wish to schedule and last hit the save to schedule your mix.

4. Go to play Panel board to listen music:

  • The song which you like hit like button for that.
  • The song which you don’t like hit block button for that.
  • You can also skip 5 song per hour.
  • You can increase and decrease volume.

5. DIY:

DIY is basically done through web. Steps follows in DIY.

  • Create message group: In this admin can create message group, showing which message is assigned to which group.
  • Upload message: Admin can upload any of number messages. Till now there is no limit is set on message upload.
  • Create player group: Admin can create player group which include list of player on which this message going to play.
  • Schedule messages: Admin can schedule message on the basis of interval like minutes or song and at what time the message should be played on the basis of start date/ time and end date/ time.

User have limited role in Mood mix app. User can only create and schedule mixes. The DIY message part is only done by admin for users.

Some suggestion from my side to improve the Mood Mix:

  1. There is one feature that Admin can add player according to time zone, and can even edit player in case admin wants to assign player to some other users and want to change time zone and location name. But in case admin wants to remove or delete some player admin can’t. So, I suggest in future this function should be added to provide more flexibility.
  2. One problem in recently played list user faces that which message is played is not updated in list, so user is not able to get which message is played if message group contain more than 2 messages.
  3. User can skip only 5 songs per hours. According to me users should be allowed to skip more than 5 songs in case user may not like the particular songs, user who is spending almost $ 34 would love to skip as many songs he would need.

Rekha Pal
Software Engineer, SubcoDevs