The aim of the application is to record the video of facial expression of the user along with different types of animations like arm & Leg movements. It is really funny that you will be able to share your avatar anywhere that allows the app to post on Facebook and other sites. 

Software/Information Technology


App Functionality :

  • As a user, you can sign in the system via facebook authentication.
  • User can select the Image/Video from the camera-enabled circle.
  • User can capture the image and record the video.
  • User can able to choose the arms movement and leg movements from the stored list.
  • User can change the Skin color which is matched with there face.
  • User can change the color of the shoes as per need.
  • With the use of Start Video button, the user can start to record the video with all the settings just like(image and Video in the circle, arm & leg movement, skin color, shoes color).
  • User can preview the video after record it.
  • User can upload the Video on Facebook.


  • JAVA
  • Lottie - Animation After Effect

Features :

  • Login with Facebook.
  • Image and Video Recording.
  • Sharing with Facebook.
  • Different Animations(Legs & Hand movements) to record Videos.


Moji yourself is a fun new app on the play markey that allows you to really express yourself in real High definition video inside your moji avatar including a five-second sound bit and also with your choice of dancing legs and arms, allowing you to moji anything that can be recorded.

All you have to do is purchase the app download; you can either access your video or you can just go Moji Style And open up the app record your 5 second video And become the trendiest new thing on your social media page.