Optimize the website for better user experience and increase visibility by integrating the Marketplaces. The client is in the wholesale & retail business, wanting to reach globally with their home decor, furniture products. So the magento marketplace has given them a choice to sell products better & manage them easily. 

Magento enhanced ecommerce platforms, and streamline the overall user experience. Since the source code is flexible and modifiable, so are the functionalities. You can work on the website without any limitations, with full freedom and control. Accurate  information in each step is provided constantly to ensure that the expectations are managed.

Stock reports are crucial to monitor the enormous and most expensive values of your business. The top performers in the sector are data-driven, and the stock reporting metrics offer broad and detailed perspectives on the company's operations.

Notification displays outside your app's UI to let  the user know the updates with reminders, status about the order, or payments. Users can tap the notification to open your app or take an action directly from the notification. With a notification system, you can easily trigger multi-channel notifications to update your customers about many products. You can also trigger notifications  on the basis of product type or categorize them based on your customers' preferences.

The B2B ecommerce platform offers self-service functionalities for buyers, helping businesses to manage their marketing and sales strategies efficiently across many channels. So delivering superior customer service is one of the key roles of B2B projects. The self-service options allow customers to order and reorder whenever it is convenient to them, with a personalized experience that can boost your sales and order values and also improves your brand recognition.


  • Magento development
  • B2B project
  • Online ordering of bulk quantity products (furniture, home decor, etc.)
  • Notification system
  • Stock reports
  • Product delivery mgt.

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