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Code Curiosity is an open source code contributor. Everyone who contributes to open source. It's not only fun, but you're also making a difference.If you need a push to start contributing, this is it! You not only build your profile, you earn points and you're contributing back.Set a monthly goal for yourself and earn points. Redeem points and buy something from the GitHub Shop.You earn points for contributions. You can redeem points for rewards. You're contributing back to the community!

CodeCuriosity is a platform that both promotes and rewards work on open source software.For an individual , it tracks and rewards your work on open source with tangible benefits.For companies and organizations it provides a platform code curiosity badge for them to reward work in the areas that they are interested in, and it enables them to access valuable metrics on where and how their incentives are being applied.


  • Register with GitHub.
  • Set a monthly goal for yourself and earn points.
  • Set a monthly goal for yourself and earn points.
  • Earn points for contributions.
  • Redeem points for rewards.
  • Buy from GitHub sop with points earned.
  • Custom code curiosity badge

    Different Ways for Rewarding Open Source Contributors.

     It can be done in three ways.

     1.  Free 

    You can start with no subscription fee and redeem twenty points for 1 USD. You can redeem up to 400 royalty points worth 20 USD per month. After joining free, you can start to redeem  after three months.

    2.  Individual

    Here, you can join with 5 USD per month and can start redeem five points  for 1 USD . You can redeem up to 500 royalty points worth 50 USD per month. Unlike free subscription, here, you can redeem points immediately after joining. Also a custom  code curiosity badge is also available.

    3.  Organization

    You can join with 250 USD per month. You can get rewards up to 100 USD for owned repos. Custom code curiosity badge is also available.

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