Case Studies

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Chromecast Enabled Mix Application

Mood Mix is one of the incredibly easy and affordable solution to music for business provided by Mood Media. As a business owner or an end user, if someone is budget-oriented and very particular about the music that should be played in their store and to have the control of the same, Mood Media provides an application for this which is supported by various platforms. As we know, these days the Google Chromecast is one of the most popular device because of its ability to cast web pages, phone applications, videos etc. on the connected device. With this idea, Mood Media have enabled Mix application to support Google Chromecast which enables the user to listen the songs over chromecast supporting devices like TV, laptops etc. It allows the users to control their music over any chromecast supporting device. The goal is to involve chromecast feature in mix application to provide higher flexibility and usability as per user perspective as well as to enhance the look of the application on larger screens.


  • Java
  • JQuery
  • HTML

Communicator Application

Resident Communicator, an application which helps the needy community members in various aspects - Assistance facility and Messages facility. Through this application, residents are able to receive messages from Resident Communicator as well as request assistance from the platform.

The client approached us with the purpose of building an iOS and android application
which was later modified with iwatch and android watch compatibility as well.The location tracking feature is one of the highlights of this application.


  • Android App:
  • Android
  • Java
  • iOS App:
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • C Objective


Overview is a one stop solution for you bulk order. It provides a real time platform which connects buyers to multiple vendor at a time. This portal is different from other online portal as it provide a feature of real time bidding for corporate requirements. At present There is no technology available which extends to this critical last mile of business procurement.

It allows sellers to get millions of new orders, while always giving buyers the lowest prices. It has inbuilt services which allows buyers to buy off the shelf, in a group, use the express delivery mode or just pick up a preset box of supplies instantly. Behind every purchase is a world class technology where every seller gets an opportunity to get the order and buyers are guaranteed the best prices.


  • Backend:
  • Rails 4.2
  • Ruby 2.3
  • MySQL
  • Sidekiq Backend Job Management
  • Redis
  • Front End:
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Erb

Social Mix Voting Page

The client was looking for a voting page and playing screen, where the user can visit a store and access the voting page (provided they have purchased the Mood Mix subscription plan) and the source of audio output would be the ProFusion media players. The user would view the current playing song in the store, view the complete playlist along with the voting capability for his/her favorite song. We integrated the Mix APIs for song streaming along with the metadata of the song, voting capability. We implemented voting capability for users as well as bot (server). The voting capability provides the user to listen to his/her favorite song quickly and the voting bot gives the user the feel that various other users are voting for their favorite songs as well. The store owner can play/schedule DIY messages as well.

Tom Manatos

Tom Manatos, an application which helps job seekers to find their perfect position/place.
Our goal is to develop an iOS application with modern and user-friendly interface. Some of the interactive features are advanced search, favoriting, in-app purchases and sharing.

Our client approached us with the development of a modern iOS application for their current running website with highly interactive and rich features. Their first application was built in 2012 which supports old iOS versions. Our aim is to develop the similar sort of app but in a modern way and to include additional features. It provides a user- friendly platform which enables job seekers to find the perfect matches for their requirement.

Following are the objectives that our development team had to achieve:-

  1. Design a user-friendly application.
  2. Interactive application with some brand new features.
  3. Favoriting and sharing job feature.
  4. Advanced search functionality.
  5. In-app purchase.