How Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Hours of Work & Dollars

Preventive maintenance is routine maintenance carried out on equipment to lower the likelihood of equipment failure and unexpected machine downtime. These practices can save maintenance teams and facility managers from a huge burden of expenses. 

Based on current data insights, effective preventative maintenance is planned and scheduled and is often carried out while the equipment is working. The proactive approach boasts numerous benefits, helping businesses save hours of work and thousands of dollars. Here is how:

Top 5 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Lowering the Risk of Failures

The most important benefit of preventive maintenance is reducing risks of failure that could severely affect the productivity and reputation of the company. Almost 90% of mechanical breakdowns in industrial equipment are caused by problems that may be avoided with a thorough preventative maintenance plan because only 10% or less of industrial equipment ever genuinely wears out from the proper operation. Introducing proper maintenance scheduling can lower the risks and give you smooth working conditions.

  • Boosting Efficiency

Preventive maintenance can boost efficiency by improving performance and quality. Reduced unplanned downtime, increased asset reliability, lower maintenance costs, and improved manufacturing processes all contribute to preventive maintenance’s capacity to assist organizations to increase the efficiency of their work. 

  • Reduces Expenses

The ultimate benefit from this is that the managers can save from the burden of expenses for continuously solving the issues. Typically, unplanned or unexpected maintenance costs 3 to 9 times as much as preventive maintenance. When you initially start performing preventative maintenance, the upfront fees may seem huge, especially if your facility is on a limited budget. But, preventive maintenance is an investment for your company’s betterment. 

  • Increased Life for the Equipment

Preventive maintenance can maximize the time of use of the equipment and can save a lot of time and money in repairing or replacement of parts. By conserving your resources, you can cut back on utility bills, which make up a great portion of operational expenses. Increased equipment life expectancy is possible when you implement a preventive maintenance strategy or plan for your devices.

  • More Productivity

As preventive maintenance provides uninterrupted working conditions, it increases productivity by reducing time on reactive work and increasing the ability to manage it. Workflow efficiency is greatly improved when handheld technologies are combined with asset management, work order management, and inspections.

As we always say ‘prevention is better than cure’, preventive maintenance increases the life of a company’s infrastructure, machinery, and assets. It is a safe and strong investment you can provide your company. It has a huge potential to boost system dependability, increase machine uptime, reduce equipment breakdowns, and boost production plant efficiency at a low cost of operation. 

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